What is a Dock Ladder?

You see them in pools, on docks, by boats, and pretty much everywhere there is water. They are the little ladders that hang off the sides and point down towards the water. If you are in a swimming pool and need to get out, you swim towards it. That’s what a dock ladder is.

dock ladder

They are mostly put in for safety and give purchase for people to climb out and in of water if they need too. For swimming pools, it’s more of a convenience, especially for people who can’t exit the pool any other way, for example, young children or the elderly, who often lack the strength to pull themselves out by the lip of the pool.

The dock ladder gives them an alternative, and it helps them climb out of the pool in easy motions. It can also help them get into the pool while letting their bodies acclimate to the temperature. When it comes to dock ladders on actual docks, then they are more for emergency use. For example, if someone falls overboard or has to leap into the water.

The ladder gives them a great way to climb back up without too much trouble and can save lives in an emergency situation where something bad happens. Instead of relying on another person to help them back on shore or needing to wait for help, they can just move towards the ladder and climb up themselves, or at least have a purchasing point to grab onto.

Dock ladders can be made in many different sizes and out of many different materials, such as wood and aluminum. Depending on the type of dock or pool, the material or style of the ladder could be different, but you’ll find a dock ladder, ready to provide its services no matter what.